Stories have always found a way of surfacing, flowing and mingling with mankind. Truly original tales survive and thrive despite new trends that keep sweeping the market. Every generation has its own interpretation of stories that they hear or read. The impressions that are formed give rise to more creative expression that is contemporary and yet timeless.

At LiTreasure, what drives us happily crazy is a lovely story. In fact, that’s the case with all readers too. So, we’re here to publish original, imaginative and compelling stories that will give readers a fresh draft of entertainment. We have a policy of being trend-agnostic and have plans to publish fiction over various formats, media and platforms.

LiTreasure is open to all writers, published as well as new, who have a passion for storytelling. We have decided to tap such work that is shaping up on the desks of writers in isolation and bringing it out to readers everywhere by announcing a ‘LiTreasure Hunt’ – A theme based short story writing contest.

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Chetaan Joshii

Chetaan Joshii is a Pune based author with a flair for fiction from the absurd to stark raving reality. He abandoned his career in IT after 12 years to take up writing as his mainstream profession.

Completely dedicated to the written word, he is a screenplay writer by day and storywriter by night till it is morning again. His penchant for creative experiments has made him write in almost every genre.

His recently published graphic book Animal Palette was received very well at the Jaipur Literature Festival 2012 and was nominated for Best Book and Best Writer at Comic Con 2012... CockTale Carnival, his next collection of stories is soon to be published.

He has been trained by the British Council to teach creative writing. Occasionally he conducts writing workshops either independently or with the British Council.

Whenever he isn’t thinking of a story or writing one, he is either playing the flute, or trying to figure out why he can’t play the violin. His new novel co-authored by Asha Francis – Literally Yours is awaiting launch.

His first book Blind Man’s Buff (Nov. 2007, Reprint Mar. 2010) has received commendable literary praise –

" Original Ideas. Diverse Themes. Vivid Descriptions. Compelling Plots. What more could one want? Chetaan Joshii is a great story-teller. "
- David Crystal, Author,
The Cambridge Encyclopaedia Of The English Language

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